In the late 1980’s there was major changes taking hold in the manufacturing sector in the USA and Steve VonDielingen decided it was time to control his own destiny and pursue his dream of owning his own precision machining business.  1989 was the year Steve and a friend made the decision to continue to work days at General Electric in Carroll, Iowa and start D & S Machine and Tool at night.  

It was clear within a few months that Steve loved the venture of doing a startup, but that wasn’t the case with his friend, so in short Steve bought him out for $1 dollar and devoted his night time to building D&S Machine and Tool.  Through word of mouth and exceeding expectations Steve quickly grew the business which required him to move the business 3 times within the first 2 years.

With a clear mission to exceed customer expectations through collaboration, service and quality, D & S Machine and Tool, has been committed to making investments in people, software and equipment to ensure our precision machining and manufacturing keeps pace with the needs of our markets and customers.

In October 2017 D & S Machine and Tool became a business of TMC Technologies, where today we are still focused on the original mission: exceed customer expectations through collaboration, service and quality.