Precision Parts Iowa

Precision Parts Iowa

CNC Machining

At TMC Technologies, we pride ourselves on our CNC machining capabilities that form the backbone of our precision parts production. Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment allows us to tackle the most complex designs with precision, ensuring that each component meets strict tolerance requirements. Through both 3 Axis and 4 Axis CNC Machining, alongside CNC Horizontal Machining Centers and CNC Lathe Live Tooling, we cater to a vast array of manufacturing needs.

Custom Components

The production of custom components is at the heart of what we do. Our engineering team collaborates closely with clients to bring their concepts to life, utilizing advanced 3D modeling to ensure the highest levels of precision and compatibility with existing systems. This bespoke approach enables us to serve sectors demanding high customization, such as the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

High Tolerance Parts

Engineering Perfection for Various Industries

Our manufacturing processes are optimized to produce high tolerance parts essential for industries where there is no room for error. The aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment sectors depend on our expertise to supply components that meet exacting standards. Our commitment to quality ensures optimal performance and reliability of the parts we produce.

Serving Diverse Industries

Engineering services

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities extend beyond manufacturing. The engineering services we provide support the full lifecycle of a product, from initial design and prototyping to final production. With a focus on collaboration, our team works closely with clients to ensure that every project is executed to meet specific requirements and exceed expectations.

Quality Control

Quality is non-negotiable in all our endeavors. Our stringent quality control measures encompass every stage of production, ensuring that only parts that meet the highest standards leave our facility. This dedication to quality is why industries with no margin for error trust us to deliver precision parts that perform as intended.


Prototyping is a critical phase in product development, allowing for the testing and refinement of designs. Our rapid prototyping services enable clients to quickly iterate their designs based on real-world testing, significantly reducing the time from concept to production. This agile approach to development is invaluable across all sectors we serve.

Metal Fabrication and Plastic Injection Molding

We offer both metal fabrication and plastic injection molding to accommodate a wide range of material and design requirements. This versatility allows us to produce components for various applications, from sturdy metal parts needed in industrial machinery to precise plastic components used in medical devices.

Electronic Components and Industrial Applications

Our capabilities extend to the manufacture of electronic components and products for industrial applications. By integrating our precision machining expertise with electronic component production, we can meet the nuanced needs of clients in the technology sector, alongside our traditional industrial client base.

Tooling and Fixtures

The creation of customized tooling and fixtures is another aspect of our service offering. By designing and manufacturing these crucial components in-house, we ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in our production processes, further contributing to the overall quality of the final products.

OEM Manufacturing

As an experienced OEM manufacturer, we understand the importance of reliability and consistency in production. Our OEM clients depend on us to deliver components that seamlessly integrate into their products, maintaining the integrity and performance of their offerings.

In every project we undertake at TMC Technologies, our mission is to exceed customer expectations through unmatched collaboration, service, and quality. From intricate aerospace parts to critical medical devices, our team is equipped to tackle the challenges of precision manufacturing. We invite you to reach out to us with your requirements, and let us demonstrate how our capabilities can bring your concepts to reality.

Precision Parts Iowa

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